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Virtual Simposium on Invasive Species by the Mexican Ecology Science Society

We were invited to give a talk in the Invasive Species Simposium of the Mexican Ecology Science Society. We told the story of the Tula River, which is now heavily invaded by guppies. 


We started an outreach blog!

March 2, 2021


We are back from a rough year with a new project. Every week we will be sharing post about invasive ecology science aimed for the general public. 

They will be available here (just click the Outreach tab) and in Spanish in our Spanish website: 

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Our last field trip of the year

November 28th, 2019


We visited the Tula River for the last time this year to carry out our viviparous fish diversity survey. We collected over 2000 guppies in 15 min! while only about a 100 of the other five species.  

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Fiesta de las Ciencias y las Humanidades 2019 UNAM

October 28th, 2019


This year, for your annual university science fair, we made a lottery to talk about invasive species and climate change. 

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